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AngelPoints Giving lets you manage more efficient, effective employee giving programs that truly make a difference in the communities you serve.

An intuitive, cloud-based system makes it simple to administer and track the charitable donations of your employees, and your efforts to match them. Take the headache out of managing your programs! Staff can spend less time on administrative tasks and more on strategically improving and growing your programs. Run multiple programs at once while giving your employees many ways to give, increasing participation and your impact in the community. And powerful reporting helps you maintain insight into your results in order to tell a stronger story about your efforts.

Manage your programs more efficiently

It’s simple to set up and coordinate your programs. Create featured causes, customize matching rules, and make updates in minutes. Streamlined administration means you spend less time on routine tasks and more on refining your programs.

Run multiple programs simultaneously

Create and manage a number of programs at once—including payroll campaigns, matching gifts, and disaster relief programs—with unique program rules for each.

Engage your employees like never before

A variety of ways for employees to give make it easy to maximize participation in your programs. A one-step donation form lets them donate by credit card or payroll contribution in an instant. And advanced features let them easily claim credit for donations they make on their own, outside of your programs.

Implement varying matching gift rates

You decide how you want to match your employees’ donations based on a spectrum of criteria such as tenure, level of seniority, etc. Want to match 2:1 for fulltime employees and 1:1 for part timers? No problem.

Demonstrate your impact & tell your story

Advanced tracking and custom reporting capabilities let you maintain constant insight into the status of your programs and the impact of their efforts. It’s never been easier to quantify your results and tell your story to the communities you support.

Feature strategic causes

Highlight and communicate causes that are strategic and valuable to your company, or let employees choose from over 1.2 million non-profit organizations to donate to.

Go completely paperless

Stop managing your employee engagement efforts manually in spreadsheets and on paper. Take it online with AngelPoints for a more streamlined, greener employee giving program.

Manage all of your employee engagement efforts with one system

Complement AngelPoints Giving with AngelPoints Volunteering and Dollars for Doers and bring all of your employee engagement efforts under the same roof. You’ll have one partner for all, one comprehensive branded portal for your employees, and streamlined management across all your programs.

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