Philanthropic Advisors


Numerous foundations, families, and individuals rely on you and your organization to advise and assist them with the complex legal, financial and practical aspects of giving. The extensive experience and services you offer make the business of foundation management easier for your clients.

Easier foundation management is important for you, too. To effectively maintain and attract clients, it is important that the processes in place within your organization are seamless, efficient and above all, effective. MicroEdge solutions enhance the collaborative process with your clients, and facilitate your consulting and advisory role by providing the best possible tools for the management of their philanthropic efforts. With MicroEdge solutions, you can:

  • Manage an unlimited number of foundations
  • Improve staff efficiency and reduce your administrative costs
  • Give your clients easy, web-based access to grantmaking data to improve overall communications and information flow
  • Allow data to be safely and securely segmented for the different foundations you manage
  • Gain flexible and scalable reporting, charting and graphing
  • Reduce redundant and manual processes, in a typically paper heavy business
  • Maintain critical data integrity through a centralized database
  • Give your clients effective methods to gauge the impact of their giving
  • Offer effective, cooperative and collaborative best practices that will dovetail with other legal, financial and accounting resources your clients may be using
Executive Directors; Administrators
  • • Gain instant access to all individual client foundation and grants data
  • • Elegant presentation-quality reports, graphs and summary documents make review and decision making easier
  • • See just the information you need to see, the way you want to see it
  • • Monitor projects and grants, streamline reviews schedules, check payments and create customized accurate reports in seconds for each client
  • • Assist clients more directly by communicating with grantees and effectively partnering with all stakeholders
  • • Analyze client giving in a variety of formats; and can manage individual client budgets in the context of any changes
  • • Save staff time. Reduce repetitive and redundant tasks, such as data entry
  • • Gain overall management and control of the system – by employing tools like ad hoc reporting, rollover of budget and budget preparations
  • • Reduce paper by 80%, lowering expenses and adding to profit
Financial Officers
  • • Manage and monitor all your clients’ individual finances and promote discretion and transparency in fiscal matters
  • • Plan and manage all aspects of budget, monitor payments due, develop cash-flow projections and ensure smooth year-end reporting and auditing, for an unlimited number of clients
Managers; Directors
  • • Attract new business in a variety of philanthropic sectors, such as high net worth individuals with a foundation, independent, family, faith-based foundations, etc.
  • • Maintain or reduce staffing needs through automated foundation management workflow
  • • Reduce administrative costs (mailing, phone, email) by communicating with stakeholders via the web
  • • Lower client expenses and provide better service through Internet access to information
  • • Increase billable services by offering more functions and support