Financial Services Providers


More than ever, this generation gives back. From your standpoint as a leading financial services provider – whether it is a high net worth client or a non-profit institutional client - it’s simply good business to incorporate philanthropy into the wealth and endowment management services that you provide.

For high net-worth clients, charitable giving is an important part of the financial planning process; it helps your clients diversify their assets, meet personal goals and achieve significant tax savings. Having a ready philanthropic vehicle enables financial advisors to retain client assets at the firm while helping clients to make a difference and further strengthening relationships.

Your larger institutional customers, such as universities, churches, and community foundations, want to offer donor-advised funds for their donors, but often do not have a technology platform or operational know-how to make it happen.

MicroEdge offers a wide range of customizable products and services for financial services providers - everything from a full turnkey operation to individual components to help you position your program to meet the needs of your high net worth clients, financial advisors and institutional clients. With MicroEdge solutions, you can:

  • Retain and accelerate the flow of client and institutional assets through comprehensive philanthropic services that will keep their business where it belongs - with you
  • Enhance relationships with high net-worth individuals by helping them achieve their charitable goals and support the communities that are important to them
  • Quickly bring to market a reliable solution from a well-respected leader in the philanthropic industry
  • Link your financial services with a national network of leading community foundations

Philanthropy is no longer a straightforward, easy process, and building a supporting program requires a significant amount of time, expertise and resources. MicroEdge solutions provide you market-ready, donor-advised fund solutions that have sophisticated financial management capabilities to streamline your administration, and a variety of services to make the charitable giving process easier for your clients, too.

  • Donor-Advised FundsComplete turnkey solution or component-based donor-advised fund solutions
  • DonorCentralSecure, online access to fund and grantmaking information
  • FIMSIntegrated, comprehensive foundation information management
  • FIMS CompassPowerful reporting and business intelligence
  • FIMS Host*NetImprove your foundation management with a customizable, fully-hosted solution
  • FIMS ModulesSuite of modules that integrate seamlessly with FIMS
Sales Support
  • • Easy, accessible method for opening accounts and creating various gift scenarios
Client Support; Client-Facing Customer Service
  • • Single interface provides anytime, anywhere access to donor-advised fund account information
  • • Change account information, passwords and preferences online
Back Office Service
  • • Process investment and grant activities, automate grant payments
  • • Easier preparation of client communications, such as gift receipts and fund statements
  • • Reconcile bank accounts and investments
Fund Accounting
  • • Reconcile accounts and funds
  • • Allocate investment earnings, equitably and accurately
  • • Perform fund-level accounting
  • • Maintain a system of record
  • • Monitor overall performance
  • • Keep track of identified benchmarks
  • • View high-level summary data, create flexible visual presentations, and glean insights at a glance