Corporate community investment, corporate social responsibility, or corporate social engagement—regardless of what you call it—if you are doing it, corporate philanthropy has likely become an integral part of both your long-term business strategy and your corporate culture. If you are not, you may soon become part of the growing wave.

When corporate giving is embedded in your mission and goals, and aligned with your objectives, it permeates through your culture, and can be a powerful asset to attract and retain talented employees, support and improve corporate image, and support the various communities and constituents with which you interact. 

Corporate giving takes many forms and you may be tasked with managing more than one. To be both strategically effective and tactically efficient, you need specialized tools to gather, monitor, measure, track and report on just about everything in your giving programs.  In short, you need a strong and flexible system for managing the “inputs and outputs” of giving.

MicroEdge understands the challenges and rising importance of corporate social responsibility.  Our solid experience, business processes, and easy-to-use solutions can help you meet your philanthropic goals.  With MicroEdge solutions you can:

  • Manage all types of giving, including employee gifts and volunteering, direct corporate contributions, in-kind gifts, sponsorships, events, and more
  • Centralize your giving data in one place and coordinate programs, manage budgets, and report data from multiple giving programs and types
  • Eliminate data entry redundancy and duplication
  • Communicate your giving information with all stakeholders internally and externally, keeping participants from the board room to the lunchroom up-to-date and involved
  • Build partnerships with grantees by providing clear communication throughout the giving workflow
  • Improve effectiveness of corporate philanthropy by measuring program expectations and outcomes with flexible, but precise metrics and detailed reporting
  • Help your organization comply with corporate governance and regulatory guidelines, and provide your giving the transparency needed to build trust and stakeholder confidence
  • Integrate our solutions with your workflow, your network, and your corporate culture
Executive Directors; Senior Managers; Board Members
  • • Gain instant access to all giving data
  • • Quickly run elegant presentation-quality reports, graphs and summary documents, making review and decision making faster, easier, and more effective
  • • Analyze the totality of giving inputs and outputs, in a variety of formats; and understand current budget in the context of any changes
  • • See just the information you need to see, the way you want to see it
  • • Gain overall management and control of the system – by employing tools like ad hoc reporting, rollover of budget and budget preparations
Grants Managers; Program Staff
  • • Save staff time. Reduce repetitive and redundant tasks, such as data entry
  • • Enable oversight of total budget and perform required approvals
  • • Simplify hands-on, day-to-day management of grants, workflow, administration
  • • Allow users to monitor projects and grants, streamline reviews schedules, check payments and create accurate reports in seconds
  • • Directly communicate with grantees and effectively partner with all stakeholders
  • • Control what others in your organization can see and have access to
Local Managers/Staff
  • • Review requests in area/program, constantly monitor top of items that require attention
  • • Facilitate the review process—allowing for proper recommendations of grantmaking, event management, employee giving, etc.
  • • Accept online request submissions
  • • Enable focus on your piece of the budget, without distractions
Division/Branch Managers
  • • Review all giving programs, such as employee requests and submissions from regional/division/branch managers, for aggregation to corporate level
Financial Officers
  • • Manage finances and promote transparency in fiscal matters.  Plan and manage all aspects of budget, monitor payments due, develop cash-flow projections and ensure smooth year-end reporting and auditing
  • • Integrate with your accounting systems