Who We Serve

We provide solutions to thousands of philanthropic organizations, large and small.


Philanthropy has been, and continues to be, a major force in our lives. It is expressed through the actions of individuals, families, corporations and their employees – all of whom have a desire to ‘do good’ or give back to the communities and causes they care about.

Just as this generosity is the cornerstone of philanthropy, MicroEdge is the conduit that makes the flow of charitable capital more efficient and effective. MicroEdge serves the wide span of organizations and individuals that give money, time and other resources with solutions and services designed to simplify and enhance the process of giving. Since 1985, MicroEdge has provided solutions for effective giving to thousands of philanthropic organizations, large and small.  We are ready to help you and your organization negotiate the complexity of processes associated with your special acts of giving.

What type of organization are you?

  1. Community Foundations

    Community foundations need to attract, retain and grow the assets available to support the community, and to channel those resources effectively into the community to help now, and in the future. This is a challenge that MicroEdge can help you address with proven, fully integrated solutions that help you manage assets, gifts, and grants, accurately and equitably; find, retain and grow your base of donors; and more.

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  2. Education Foundations

    Achieving excellence in education begins with successful endowment building and development efforts, and extends to intelligent investment management and insightful funding that nurtures and supports your education objectives. MicroEdge solutions provide integrated foundation information management that can help.

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  3. Family Foundations

    Streamline and simplify your family’s charitable giving, so that you can focus on your mission, and on ensuring that this mission and good work is carried on from generation to generation. With MicroEdge solutions, ensure that your giving supports your family’s core values and goals; establish a workflow and process for your charitable giving; and more.

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  4. Government Agencies

    MicroEdge provides government agencies with fully integrated grants management solutions that allow for complete control of all grant data, from application receipt, to review, award and completion. MicroEdge solutions can streamline and standardize your project process.

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  5. Philanthropic Advisors

    As a philanthropic advisor, it is important that the processes in place within your organization are seamless, efficient and, above all, effective. MicroEdge solutions enhance the collaborative process with your clients, and facilitate your consulting and advisory role by providing the best possible tools for the management of their philanthropic efforts.

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  1. Corporations

    MicroEdge understands the rising importance of corporate social responsibility. Our solid experience, business processes, and easy-to-use solutions can help you meet your philanthropic goals. With MicroEdge solutions you can manage all types of giving, including employee gifts and volunteering, direct corporate contributions, in-kind gifts, sponsorships, events, and more.

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  2. Faith-based Foundations

    Faith-based giving is on the rise, as more and more citizens are looking to transform their beliefs, values and attitudes into social action. MicroEdge solutions provide integrated foundation information management that can help you serve members of the faith through philanthropy. Use our systems to support the process of raising and disbursing funds, within and beyond the local congregation, and to manage funds, donor-advised funds, and endowments entrusted to your care in a fiscally and socially responsible manner.

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  3. Financial Services Providers

    MicroEdge offers a wide range of customizable products and services for financial services providers - everything from a full turnkey operation to individual components to help you position your program to meet the needs of your high net worth clients, financial advisors and institutional clients.

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  4. Independent Foundations

    MicroEdge provides independent foundations with the tools and technologies to support your foundation, connecting people and processes to maximize and extend your reach and impact. Use our solutions to ensure alignment between your giving and your foundation’s goals and mission and to streamline your grant giving process, increasing efficiencies.

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