A more efficient and manageable review process


Streamline and simplify each stage of your review process with ReviewerCONNECT®, a web-based solution that provides an easy way to distribute proposals and receive reviewer feedback – online, anytime.

With ReviewerCONNECT, proposals are routed through each review stage more quickly and efficiently with less manual effort. You decide which proposal details to make available and the type of feedback to receive at each stage of the process. Numerical scores are automatically tabulated for easier evaluation of quantitative feedback and for quick identification of top rated proposals. An automated, online review process offers convenience, flexibility, and valuable time-savings to your grantmaking workflow.

With ReviewerCONNECT, you can:

Enhance communication between office and remote staff

Reviewing grant proposals is a collaborative effort, and it can take a little back and forth to get things right. Discussion boards in ReviewerCONNECT facilitate the give and take of proposal reviewing. Start a new topic about a specific proposal, answer a question for a fellow staff member, or ask other reviewers for their input on an issue.

Batch process proposal review

Staff members reviewing large numbers of proposals need to process their decisions quickly and efficiently. With ReviewerCONNECT, internal reviewers can now submit reviews in batch, right from their ReviewerCONNECT homepage.

Generate IGAM applications online

Streamline the entire grantmaking process by integrating IGAM, the online grant request and application system, with your reviewers. Grantees submit their request online through IGAM, which then flows into GIFTS and is distributed to reviewers through ReviewerCONNECT.

Easily distribute and assign proposals online

Track potential reviewers by geographical location, expertise, education, or other criteria to select the best reviewers for a proposal. Reviewers can conveniently access proposals and submit their feedback online from any location with an Internet connection.

Customize a review workflow based on your needs

Assign as many reviewers as you need for a proposal with just one step. Multiple review stages can be used with different feedback requirements. Set up a sequential chain of reviewers to accommodate your process.

Receive feedback in a standardized format

Collect both qualitative and quantitative data by customizing questions based on the feedback you want to receive. All reviewers for a proposal respond to the same questions for consistent evaluations.

Summarize reviews with easy reporting options

Quickly search and run reports on review data for better decision making and analysis. Organize historical reviews in a consolidated format.

Reduce manual administrative tasks

Reviewers access and evaluate proposals online, saving the time and effort associated with photocopying and mailing proposals. Feedback is seamlessly brought into GIFTS, eliminating the need for manual entry of data. ReviewerCONNECT automatically logs, tracks and tabulates responses.

Make informed decisions on grant renewals

Use ReviewerCONNECT to facilitate the review of open grants prior to renewal or final payment. All post-grant evaluations are brought into GIFTS for tracking and historical record keeping.