Real-time access to grants data anywhere, anytime


Improve your grantmaking effectiveness with customized, 24/7 web-based access to the most critical aspects of your organization’s grant data. MyGIFTS provides immediate access to the information most important to you, whether you're in the office, across town or across the country.

Give staff, executives and board custom homepages with up-to-date content from GIFTS – whatever they want or need to view. Virtually all aspects of grants management are as close as a click of your web browser.

With MyGIFTS you can:

Enhance communication between office and remote staff

Reviewing grant proposals is a collaborative effort, and it can take a little back and forth to get things right. Discussion boards in MyGIFTS facilitate the give and take of proposal reviewing. Start a new topic about a specific proposal, answer a question for a fellow staff member, or ask other reviewers for their input on an issue.

Generate IGAM applications online

Streamline the entire grantmaking process by integrating IGAM, the online grant request and application system, with internal reviewers. Grantees submit their request online through IGAM, which then flows into GIFTS and is available in MyGIFTS.

Find the data you need faster

Filter an extensive list of program area codes quickly by entering a few characters, narrowing the list of codes. Select the matching code, then continue the search or run the corresponding report.

Present virtually any information and functionality

Customize homepages to present grants data, reports, contacts, charts and graphs, payments, searches, “to do” lists and more. You can even integrate content from third-party websites.

Collaborate and share critical information

Whether they’re in the office or working remotely, authorized staff, executives and board members can access the critical information they need to make decisions.

Perform grants management tasks online

Review and approve grants, process correspondence and payments, compile and produce reports, search your database, and much more, from any location with an Internet connection.

Securely regulate who and what remote activity takes place on your system

Control access and security parameters, giving you control over what information is shown to groups and individuals users.

Simplify grantmaking processes for users

MyGIFTS is simple for everyone. Anyone who can use a web browser can access their grants data with familiar point-and-click ease.