IGAM Scholarships

Online Scholarship Applications


Take your online process beyond grant applications with IGAM Scholarships*, a powerful solution that allows you to accept online scholarship applications. Students benefit from the ease of submitting applications online, while you eliminate countless hours of manual administration.

Broader access to funding opportunities

Financial assistance is often a major concern to students. Providing direct access to scholarship opportunities via a web-based application process helps extend your reach to a wider pool of applicants.

Students value an easy online process

The Internet is part of daily life for today’s generation of students. Most likely they applied to their institution online and communicate with instructors via email. The ease of submitting scholarship applications online is a process students welcome and actively seek out.

Reduce your administrative burden

An online process drastically reduces the number of paper applications you receive. Save countless hours of time spent sorting and organizing stacks of paper. Imagine having significantly fewer applications overflowing your mailbox as scholarship deadlines approach!

Application data is transferred seamlessly into FIMS

All application fields are completed by the student, and their responses are transferred seamlessly into FIMS, eliminating redundant and/or incorrect data entry. Include FieldMaker fields on your forms to collect any type of data necessary for your funding programs, such as extracurricular activities, scholarship essays, student demographics and financial information.

Reduce incomplete submissions and missed deadlines

Ensure you receive a complete application by requiring important data fields and attachments. Students have less paperwork to keep track of and receive an automated email to confirm successful submission. Applications can be submitted online right up to the deadline, giving students a convenient alternative to mailing paper applications

Prescreen students to decrease ineligible applications

An optional eligibility quiz reduces the number of ineligible applications submitted. Students are prompted to answer a series of questions based on your funding guidelines. If their responses satisfy your requirements, they are automatically directed to the application. Ineligible students are informed they cannot continue with the application process

Easily match students to Funds they qualify for

IGAM Scholarships facilitates the collection of Student Qualification criteria, enhancing the eligibility process in FIMS. When application data is brought into FIMS, the student’s qualifications can be checked against eligibility requirements for all of your available scholarships. This helps you easily determine which students meet criteria across multiple Funds.

* Requires IGAM 4 for FIMS and FIMS Scholarship Management Module