Online Grant Applications, Reporting & Grantee Relationship Management


Online grantmaking connects you with grantees

IGAM is the leading online grant application, reporting and grantee relationship management tool. It links grantees to your grantmaking, making it easier to collaborate and communicate. These connected processes save you countless hours, freeing time so you can focus on strengthening relationships with your grantees, and working with them to focus on making a greater impact with your giving.

IGAM takes the paper out of your grant application processes. Grantseekers apply online via easy-to-use forms, and grantees report on progress just as easily. Applicant information flows securely into your MicroEdge foundation management software, nearly eliminating time-consuming manual data entry. During grant administration, you receive progress and final reports online, giving you faster, better insight into grant performance.

IGAM helps you to:

  • Maintain closer relationships with grantees — Streamlined communication and requirements reporting features make it easy for grantees to stay connected with your organization.
  • Save time — Streamline your workflow with more efficient grant administration and integration with your foundation management system.
  • Collaborate more freely — Online status pages and reporting tools empower grantees. Automated communications allow you to devote more time and energy to higher-value collaboration.
  • Focus on meaningful results — Reporting information from applicants enters your foundation management software seamlessly, helping you make more informed giving decisions sooner.

Get back valuable time

A typical giving organization saves a month or more of staff time every single year with IGAM. That’s valuable time that can be better spent analyzing grant applications and ensuring that you choose only the most impactful projects. Or time spent working with your grantees to maximize the impact of your funding.

Empower grant applicants

IGAM saves grantseekers time, too. A quiz guides them to the right online grant application. An online account gives them access to in-progress and completed submissions and important status information. Grantees receive email reminders of reporting deadlines, making it easy for them to fulfill reporting requirements online.

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