GIFTS Plus Pack Core

Enhance Your GIFTS – Quickly and Efficiently


GIFTS Plus Pack Core adds new features, functionality, and value to your GIFTS system with a collection of unique, cost-effective modules that further strengthen and enhance your grants management capabilities.

The Plus Pack Core add-on leverages Microsoft’s proven web services strategy and framework and integrates effortlessly with GIFTS, making it a “must have” for future GIFTS growth and enhancement.

With GIFTS Plus Pack Core, you can:

  • Cut tedious and manual data entry time in half.
  • Move mountains of information in a few clicks.
  • Improve data integrity and automate your workflow.


Whether you are a Grants Administrator or an Executive Director, you'll benefit from GIFTS Plus Pack Core.

  • GIFTS Batch Plus - Modify multiple organization, contact, request or payment records all at once.
  • GIFTS Charts Plus - Produce dramatic and colorful charts and graphs with just a few clicks.
  • GIFTS Email Plus - Send email blasts with attachments to an unlimited number of contacts, even staff – all within GIFTS.
  • GIFTS Link Plus for use with Outlook® - Easily link emails from Outlook to GIFTS for a more complete history of grantee communications.
  • GIFTS Payments Plus - Create payment schedules for pending and approved requests, or modify the payment schedule for a request from a single screen. Create payment schedules in batch, saving you time and effort.
  • GIFTS Reminders Plus - Create reminder emails that will be sent automatically to staff and/or grantees about upcoming or overdue requirements and activities.
  • GIFTS Requirements Plus - Schedule and update grant and payment requirements on-demand and in batch to meet your specific criteria at any stage of your workflow. You can even batch delete requirements that are no longer valid.

Module Details

GIFTS Batch Plus - Alter multiple records in a single step
*This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone using GIFTS - it will cut your work time in half.
Create or change codes in batches. Database updates and modifications can be handled in one simple action.

  • Assign Staff - Change staff associated with request records.
  • Modify Request Type - Change the request type for approved or pending requests.
  • Modify or Change Project Description - Append (beginning or end) or overwrite project descriptions for selected records.
  • Assign Meeting Date - Assign, change and remove meeting dates from specific records.

GIFTS Charts Plus - Transform GIFTS data into presentation ready charts and graphs
Slice and dice the data just the way you want. You can build professional, presentation ready charts and graphs with just a few clicks.

  • Create Charts - Create dramatic and colorful charts with the information in GIFTS.
  • Visual Aid - Side by side charts that present requests and payments through the charting of multiple data value.

GIFTS Email Plus - Send email blasts with attachments to any of your contacts, even your staff
With a few clicks you can email unlimited contacts and send attachments, all from GIFTS!

  • Attachments - Extends GIFTS ad-hoc email by allowing you to include GIFTS documents in emails as attachments.
  • Unlimited Contacts - Easily "cc" staff, and email to unlimited contacts.
  • Added Flexibility - Access and add external documents (non-GIFTS).

GIFTS Link Plus for use with Outlook® - Link emails from Outlook to GIFTS for a more complete communication history **

  • Copy email messages from MS Outlook to GIFTS individually or in batch.
  • Easily link an email to one or more existing Contact, Organization, Request, or Activity records in GIFTS.
  • Create External Document records from email attachments (Document Manager module required).

GIFTS Payments Plus - Gain increased flexibility in payment scheduling
Have more control over your payment schedules for pending or approved requests.

  • On-Demand Payment Scheduler - Create payment schedules for Pending and Approved Requests.
  • Update Existing Payment Schedules - Change the payment schedule for a Request from a single screen.
  • Batch Processing of Payment Schedules - Create payment schedules for batches of Requests in a single screen.
  • Increase Your Flexibility in Payment Scheduling - Base payment amounts on percentage of grant amount, schedule payments outside of the start or end date of a grant, and specify whether payments that fall on a weekend are moved to a weekday.

GIFTS Reminders Plus - Email reminders can be automatically sent to grantees and staff
Never forget another deadline. With Reminders Plus, you have the ability to create reminder emails that will be sent automatically by your GIFTS system.

  • Email Reminders - Automatically sends emails to staff and/or grantees about upcoming or overdue requirements or activities.
  • Automated Emails - Reminders are based on the date of the requirement or activity record in GIFTS.

GIFTS Requirements Plus - Data management tool replacing manual/tedious tasks
Stop having to repeat all of those tedious, manual steps when you have to change or assign grant requirements. Do it all with a few simple clicks.

  • Schedule Requirements - Schedule requirements on-demand and in-batch to meet your specific search criteria at any stage in your workflow.
  • Schedule Payment Contingencies Automatically - Schedule payment requirements and make the payment contingent for a number of records all at once.
  • Delete Requirements in Batch - Keep your database information updated/correct and improve staff productivity by deleting groups of requirements no longer valid.

* The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at MicroEdge's sole discretion.
** GIFTS Link Plus for use with Outlook cannot be used with Essential GIFTS.

The following subscription modules are available at additional cost

GIFTS Tax Status Plus
Verify and update an organization's Exempt Status – a critical time-saver in the grants management process.

  • Verify tax status information against IRS and Canada Revenue Agency databases.
  • Update tax information: Foundation Code; Deductibility Code; Classification Code; Advance Ruling; Expiration Date.
  • Keep an audit trail record of tax status changes in GIFTS.
  • Add new Organizations to GIFTS with one click.

GIFTS Watchlists Plus
Watchlists Plus automates the process of list checking for compliance with the United States Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control and counter-terrorism laws such as the USA PATRIOT Act and Executive Order 13224.

  • Enhanced due diligence with automated counter-terrorism compliance scanning.
  • Organization and Contact records are verified across multiple lists.
  • Audit Trail with verification details for reporting.
  • Hits are clearly indicated.
  • Any affiliated records also captured.