GIFTS Online Mobile

The perfect solution for grants staff, program staff and executives on the go


GIFTS Online Mobile App With GIFTS Online® Mobile, you enjoy the ability to view and update key grantmaking information directly from your smartphone or tablet.

You no longer need to be at a computer to access up-to-date metrics or information about a request or grantee organization. The extensive insight and information housed within your GIFTS Online system is now at your fingertips no matter where you are—on a site visit, in a board meeting, or simply in transit. Plus, it’s free for all GIFTS Online users!

Maintain key insight into program results and progress

Imagine you’re in the elevator at your office and in walks your executive director, who asks you about the results of a particular grant program. GIFTS Online Mobile allows you to give her the information she needs on the spot, as it provides access to all the charts and tables from your personalized GIFTS Online dashboards—screens displaying visual charts and graphs that provide distilled summaries of the information you need most.

Your grantmaking information in the palm of your hand

You have access to view all key information that lives in your main GIFTS Online system—updated in real time. Imagine you’re in an offsite meeting and need to verify the accuracy of a certain piece of grantmaking data that is being discussed. With GIFTS Online Mobile you’ll provide accurate information… every time.

Create and update key records

You’re on a site visit to a grantee organization and learn that important information has changed: primary contact information, organization tax status, etc. Now you can update that information in the moment, rather than waiting until you return to the office or get to a computer. Create and edit activities, organizations, contact information, and more.

The searches you use most—set up and ready to go

You need to find specific information quickly, while on the go, but don’t have time to set up a detailed search. No problem; all of the saved searches in your main GIFTS Online system are available in GIFTS Online Mobile. On your mobile device you simply find it, tap it, and view the results.

Ultimate personalization of your mobile experience

You’ve been using GIFTS Online Blueprint for a while and have become very accustomed to the personalized forms and language you’re configured the system to use. Don’t worry, that same personalization is available in GIFTS Online Mobile. Customize the forms you use, the field names that appear in the app, decide which sections of your fields and forms are available on the app, and more.

Find the information you need right when you need it

You’re in an informal meeting and need to remember information about a specific organization or contact. Or perhaps you can’t remember the details about a recent grant request. GIFTS Online Mobile’s Quick Find feature lets you locate contact, organization, and grant request records in an instant.

Never get lost again

You’re on the way to visit a grantee but forgot to bring the address. No problem; GIFTS Online Mobile features interactive maps with locations tied to all grantees in your system, as well as individual contacts for each organization. You merely open the organization record, select the map link, and the location of the organization will appear.