GIFTS Online Blueprint

Work the way you need to work, with grantmaking that speaks your language


Now you can personalize the leading cloud-based grants management system more than ever! GIFTS Online Blueprint lets you work the way you need to work, in alignment with your own grantmaking language, your own process,
and more!

It’s never been easier to connect everyone in your organization to your grantmaking. When you take the power and freedom of working in the cloud with GIFTS Online, and enhance it with Blueprint, you get unparalleled freedom to work the way you need to work, anytime, from anywhere. And you can do it all yourself—no special technical skills required. It truly is a new, revolutionary way to work.

A System that Speaks Your Language

Now your grantmaking solution can use the exact same set of unique names and systems of classification your organization uses to manage its giving. Rename all the data categories (fields) in your system according to the way your organization talks, and use the language that your entire organization understands to manage, store and report on your giving data.

Organize GIFTS Online the Way It Makes Sense for You

No matter how unique your process is, you have the freedom to reorganize loads of things in the system any way you please. Create new fields and move them anywhere you want. Hide or remove standard fields you don’t use. Create special groupings of fields that make the most sense for you. Empower yourself to design and develop GIFTS Online in a way that will mirror—and streamline—your unique giving process.

Different Roles, Different Ways to Work

Your executives, grants managers and program officers all need to see different information and complete different tasks on a daily basis. Blueprint lets you personalize their user experience so they only see the information they need to see and work with.

Unleash the Wealth of Insight in Your Giving Database

Individualized dashboards make it simple for occasional users to log in and immediately access key information and insight that is relevant to them—in a language they understand! They don't have to burden grants staff with constant requests for information—resulting in a more interconnected, efficient and insightful organization across the board.

Total Alignment with Your Giving Process

Whether you want to stop managing certain parts of your giving process outside of your system, or you’re ready to completely overhaul and reinvent your process from the ground up, Blueprint is the answer—letting you tailor GIFTS Online to incorporate every last part of your unique process into the system.