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You gain efficiency, reduce risk, and collaborate more easily—so you can increase the impact of your giving.

GIFTS Online helps grantmaking organizations of all shapes, sizes and levels of complexity give more efficiently and effectively. From working with your applicants and reviewing proposals to making awards, tracking progress, and more, GIFTS Online provides you with powerful online grants management tools to streamline your giving. It’s the power and robustness you’ve come to expect from GIFTS, coupled with the simplicity of online access—anytime and anywhere you need it. Without installing software. Without the risk of losing your data.

GIFTS Online helps you to:

Make your work easier

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface, smart workflows, automatic reminder communications and more enable staffers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time applying their expertise where it really matters. Plus, with the GIFTS Online Mobile app, you can take your work with you anywhere you need to go!

See how you’re moving the needle

Real-time, anywhere access to giving data combines with dynamic, insight-providing dashboards and advanced standard and ad hoc reporting tools to help you easily understand and improve your results.

Bring people together to make a bigger difference

Grantees, reviewers, board members, and organizational leaders can all connect and contribute to your giving processes, making it easier for all participants to collaborate and enhance the impact of your giving.

Work the way you need to work

Significant possibilities for system personalization—like the ability to easily create your own online grant application and reporting forms, as well as multiple personalized dashboards for each user—let you mold the system to meet your unique needs.

Give your grantees an online grantee portal

A powerful and flexible grantee portal makes it easy for grantees to apply and routinely get the information they need online, streamlining their entire experience with your organization and helping you take grantee relationship management to the next level.

Get started quickly for fast results

You don’t have to devote a lot of time and energy to putting GIFTS Online in place. We configure the solution for you. It’s fast and easy, so you can see results as quickly as possible.

Grow your grantmaking according to your needs

Significant flexibility allows you to configure the system to meet your needs, and a high degree of scalability lets the system evolve alongside your giving process.

Simplify your budgeting and financial management

Integrated tools allow you to simplify your financial process, payments and reporting.

Increase your levels of transparency

Become actively involved in the Foundation Center’s Glasspockets initiative with hGrant reporting capabilities, allowing for greater collaboration and more impactful giving.

What Does Hosted Grants
Management Do For You?

There’s quite a bit of buzz about the “cloud” and it can be confusing. But the cloud is simple. With GIFTS Online, you use the internet to access a solution that we host at our secure data center. MicroEdge maintains the solution, stores your data, and supports you. No IT needed, and no hassle involved.

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