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The world’s leading grants management system is now even better. GIFTS Alta will transform your grantmaking by making virtually every step in your workflow faster and more efficient. And it’s never been easier to connect everyone into your grantmaking.

GIFTS Alta gives you more efficient, collaborative, intuitive access to the robust grants management power of GIFTS.

Get things done, faster and easier:
A new usability model makes every step of your process easier and dramatically reduces the time it takes to perform routine administration – a typical organization can save about 25 hours per month!

See a clearer picture of your giving:
Enhanced dashboards and ad hoc reporting make it easier to visualize results and identify opportunities to improve outcomes. See how GIFTS Alta’s customizable dashboards can work for you. View sample dashboards.

Work better, together:
An intuitive interface connects more users into your grantmaking process, creating more opportunities to collectively advance your foundation’s mission.

Access the information you need, the way you want:
Executives, board members, communications and program staff get the information they want, proactively delivered just the way they need it. Have a favorite website that keeps you up-to-date on industry trends or philanthropic news? Include a web clipping right on your dashboard – it’s that easy!

Give everyone easy access to the power of GIFTS:
GIFTS Alta is so easy to use and learn that everyone can start reaping the benefits right away.

Already a GIFTS user? It’s easy to experience GIFTS Alta

If you’re already using GIFTS, you’ll love how GIFTS Alta enhances the way you work. Like GIFTS, it is a software solution that you install on your existing Access, SQL, or Oracle database—just install, run, and start using the software. It works with all your existing modules. GIFTS Alta will not alter your GIFTS database, but it will improve how you work with your data. The modern interface makes completing key tasks more intuitive, so you can take advantage of its speed and accessibility right away. Everyone in your organization, from power users to executives, will find it significantly easier to perform tasks, so they can focus on what matters most—your giving.

New to grants management? Contact us to learn more

If you’ve never had the opportunity to work with MicroEdge grants management systems, just call or fill out the Request for Information form and we’ll be happy to contact you to walk you through all the benefits a grants management system can bring to your organization!

Dashboards can be personalized for anyone in your organization – even executives.

Watch our webinar and learn more about customized dashboards with GIFTS Alta!
Or download a slideshow overview.

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Customizable Dashboards

See how GIFTS Alta’s customizable dashboards can work for you.

Sample Dashboards

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The ASPCA brought their grantmaking to new heights with GIFTS Alta.
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