FIMS Compass

Powerful reporting and business intelligence for community foundations


FIMS Compass is a powerful reporting and business intelligence tool that gives you access to the wealth of insight and information in your FIMS system.

Insight that drives highly informed tactical and strategic decisions. Information that allows your staff and stakeholders to keep a finger on the pulse of your giving and the health of individual programs. Built on world-class Rocket CorVu® performance measurement and business intelligence solutions—made by Rocket Software®—FIMS Compass lets you stay informed about your organization and where it’s headed at all times. Your FIMS system already supports robust reporting, and FIMS Compass takes that to the next level.

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FIMS Compass – Powerful Business Intelligence
and Reporting

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Create reports on your own

An extensive Knowledge Library lets non-technical users create reports on their own. No need to build reports from scratch.

Introducing Quick Reports

Quick Reports make reporting as simple as can be by guiding users through the creation of reports, with help text and prompts that let any user create reports on the fly.

An array of reporting options to meet your specific needs

A library of standard queries and charts, extensive custom and ad hoc reporting capabilities, and the ability to edit and save reports all combine to let you report on your FIMS data with precision.

Charts, graphs and pivot tables incorporating your FIMS data

Create charts, graphs and pivot table reports to easily visualize your FIMS data. Swap variables to view the information that’s most pertinent to you, and export data for further manipulation as needed.

In-depth analysis of your giving data to drive strategic decision making

Dynamic interactive graphs let you drill down to analyze your giving data in a variety of different ways, allowing you to maintain the level of insight you need to strategically drive your foundation forward.

Insight-providing dashboards to keep you always informed

Ensure your staff is always informed with personalized dashboards—data summary screens that are updated in real time and give each user the information they need at a glance.

Report on data from various sources

Extract data from various sources—such as your FIMS modules, Excel or another software system—and bring it into your reports for the most comprehensive and interconnected reporting possible.

Better data sharing & collaboration

Auto-generate reports at set intervals of time and have them automatically delivered to your staff and stakeholders.

Stay connected with remote web access

An optional module lets remote staff stay connected and review reports in FIMS Compass from any web browser, anytime, anywhere.

FIMS Compass