Integrated Foundation Management System


FIMS is a fully-integrated foundation management system that helps community foundations, faith-based organizations and education and scholarship programs perform grants management, financial and donor management with one centralized, comprehensive system.

Improve your entire funding and giving process with an open, customizable framework that helps you manage everything from donors, gifts and investments to grants, grantees, funds and financials.

FIMS supports all your mission-critical processes and functions, and manages information regardless of where it is, or where it has come from. It is designed to let you choose exactly the functionality you need for your giving program, while supporting your changing requirements.

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FIMS can help you:

Centralize all your foundation management information

FIMS brings together a variety of different types of information into a single system. Improve workflow, administration and reporting, and see your organization’s total picture.

Improve financial oversight

Manage all financial accounting for your funds, reporting entities and foundation with a single system; easily produce fund statements and reports.

Simplify investment pooling and allocations

Manage an unlimited number of pooled funds. Accurately calculate unitized allocations of investment returns with a single mouse click and reconcile investment accounts in a snap.

Improve fund management

Utilize a quick and easy fund accounting system. Calculate spending policy amounts and administrative fees. Produce professional quality fund statements and reports. Manage all financial accounting for your funds, reporting entities and organization.

Improve constituent relationship management and enhance donation acquisition efforts

Develop, track, manage and maximize relationships with all your constituents—donors, grantees, community and board members. Maintain demographics, contacts, notes, and gift and grant history. Comprehensive correspondence and communication capabilities enable you to manage mail lists and send group correspondence.

Track and manage gifts, pledges and promises

Effortlessly perform donation tracking, including pledges and promises, receive gifts and track full donor and gift history. Calculate prices and gain from stock gifts and seamlessly fulfill pledges.

Streamline grantmaking and scholarship management workflow

Streamline the administration of grantmaking and scholarship programs. Manage requests, approvals and declinations, and automate payments.

Make better decisions

Access executive-level summary information about your donors, giving history, grants, constituents and finances. A full range of standard reports provides a wealth of detailed information, plus you can create your own custom reports using almost any data field.

Customize your grants management system to meet your organization’s needs

Set up custom views, reports and fields to view, manage and track information according to your organization’s process and requirements.

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