Donor Advised Funds

MicroEdge Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Services


More than ever, this generation gives back. It's simply good business to incorporate philanthropy into the wealth management services that you provide.

Charitable giving is an important part of the financial planning process; it helps your clients diversify their assets, meet personal goals and achieve significant tax savings.

Having a ready philanthropic vehicle enables financial advisors to retain client assets at the firm while helping their clients to make a difference and further strengthening their relationships.

But building a donor-advised fund program requires a significant amount of time, expertise and resources; and you're already facing tough competition from the commercial gift fund market.

MicroEdge offers a wide range of customizable Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) solutions; everything from a full turnkey operation to individual component parts. You get to choose how to best position your DAF program to meet the needs of your clients and financial advisors.

You'll reap the rewards of MicroEdge DAF services:

  • Retain client assets through comprehensive philanthropic services that will keep their business where it belongs-with you
  • Enhance relationships with high net-worth individuals by helping them achieve their charitable goals
  • Quickly bring to market a reliable solution from a well-respected leader in the philanthropic industry
  • A complete, turnkey solution or component-based options depending upon your organization's needs