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DonorCentral Donor Engagement Success Stories
DonorCentral How do your peers achieve maximum success with their donor management efforts? Hear it straight from the source. In this on-demand webinar, Tammy Fitzpatrick, CFO at Columbus Jewish Foundation, shares her experience using DonorCentral and how it helped to boost donor engagement, and lay the groundwork for longer term donor retention. She also speaks to her experience using new DonorCentral Mobile and how she anticipates it will drive their success further than ever.
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Past Recordings

FIMS Compass: A Deeper Dive
FIMS Compass You may have already seen a glimpse of FIMS Compass, MicroEdge’s powerful reporting and business intelligence tool for FIMS. But now you can join us as we take you on a deeper dive into its functionality. We’ll go into the system and demo many of its robust features to give you a firsthand look at just how much it can do for your organization.
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FIMS Compass – Powerful Business Intelligence and Reporting
FIMS Compass is a powerful reporting and business intelligence tool that gives you easy access to the wealth of insight and information in your FIMS system. Insight that drives highly informed tactical and strategic decisions. Information that allows your staff and stakeholders to keep a finger on the pulse of your giving and the health of individual programs. Join us to see it in action.
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IGAM 5.5 and FIMS 14: What's New? What's Great?
Join our product specialists to learn all about the new features in IGAM 5.5–the leading grantee portal that helps charitable giving organizations receive grant applications online, manage closer grantee relationships with ease, and streamline the management and reporting around the grant application process. We'll also discuss the new features in FIMS 14, so don't miss it.
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Maximizing Donor Relationships: An Introduction to DonorCentral
Ready to streamline your donor management process and take your donor relationships to the next level? Then join us as our product experts walk you through the many benefits and powerful features that make DonorCentral the leading online donor portal. DonorCentral supports almost 53,000 donors/advisors, and, to date, over $6.8 billion in grant suggestions have been made with the solution–so join us to find out why so many foundations are using DonorCentral.
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Taking Grantee Relationships to the Next Level: An Introduction to IGAM
IGAM is the leading online grant application and reporting tool that links your grantees to your grantmaking, making it easier to collaborate and communicate, and maintain healthy, engaged relationships with your grantees. Join our product experts as they walk you through this powerful solution and demonstrate all the ways it can help you streamline your grant application process as well as your grantee relationships.
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DonorCentral 3.3: What's New? What's Great?
Join us as we walk you through the new features in DonorCentral 3.3, including easier access to key information, more streamlined donor communication capabilities, added administrative control, more flexible site design, and a better overall user experience, both for the foundation and for the donor.
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Arizona Community Foundation: Building Donor Relationships, Expanding Development Efforts, and Achieving Success with FIMS CRM
The Arizona Community Foundation was looking for a tool that could provide them with increased visibility into all of their development efforts, streamline and systematize their process and encourage more collaboration. Learn how Marc Goldstick has successfully implemented the FIMS CRM product and a new development process at the Arizona Community Foundation, providing additional insight into their current donor relationships and their prospects for the future.
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New FIMS Users: Welcome to MicroEdge
Let us introduce you to MicroEdge through a short recorded webinar that touches on the history of MicroEdge and FIMS, gives an overview of MicroEdge products, and provides a short tutorial on PowerME – MicroEdge’s client portal.
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Solving the Donor Management Puzzle
The relationships you build define your foundation’s success. To effectively engage donors, you need a great case for support and a customized approach to their needs and desires. Plus, the more you know about your donors’ motives and how they give, the better positioned you are for success. But, finding the best ways to attract donors and grow existing relationships can be puzzling. Join us as we discuss how to put all the pieces in place, and solve the donor management puzzle.
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How Greater Houston Community Foundation
Increased Assets and Grew their Donor Base with FIMS CRM

Date: 5/6/11: Watch recording

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