Consulting Services


The MicroEdge Professional Services team is dedicated to ensuring your MicroEdge solution is properly implemented, maintained, and integrated into your organization’s workflow for long-term success.

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Our team expertly guides hundreds of clients each year to help them achieve the maximum return on their technology investment. The following consulting services are available to MicroEdge clients:

Implementation Assistance

Designed for new clients, a MicroEdge Product Specialist will help you develop and execute a strategy for successful deployment of your MicroEdge solution. The Product Specialist will work with your team to define/revise workflows, determine system preferences and other configurations, and ensure your new system is set up and running smoothly.

Optimization Analysis

This service is designed to ensure you are getting the most out of your MicroEdge solution and that your processes are as efficient and streamlined as possible. A MicroEdge Product Specialist will analyze your current workflows and database setup with the goal of identifying any problem areas and recommending improvements.

Project Management

Whether implementing a new system, additional modules, or a new outcomes and evaluation strategy, a MicroEdge Project Manager can provide personalized support to guide you every step of the way. A dedicated Project Manager will conduct a project kick off meeting to plan team resources, assist with defining objectives and criteria for measuring success, and coordinate all internal and external project resources.

Specialized Consulting

Need a specialized consulting service? We will work with you to design a custom consulting program to fit your unique needs.