Want to Help Support Victims of the Nepal Earthquake?


Want to Help Support Victims of the Nepal Earthquake?

Here's how you can do it...

As you probably know, a disastrous earthquake struck Nepal last Saturday, April 25, 2015, impacting tens of thousands of people across the country. Emergency response teams are mobilizing but the damage is catastrophic and an immense effort is needed to help those affected. If you would like to donate to the effort, below is a list of the organizations that have been identified as first responders.

Early Responders

American Red Cross (EIN: 530196605): The Red Cross is working to provide first aid, search and rescue, and support to first responders. They are committing an initial $1,000,000 to the response operation and are working closely with the Nepal Red Cross, along with the global Red Cross network to coordinate additional support.

AmeriCares (EIN: 061008595): They are sending an emergency response team from the AmeriCares office in Mumbai, India to the impact zone and relief workers are preparing shipments of medical aid and relief supplies for survivors.

CARE (EIN: 131685039): Their humanitarian workers on the ground in Nepal are currently assessing the situation and determining immediate needs.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy (EIN: 455257937): They are establishing a Disaster Recovery Fund to address medium- and long-term recovery efforts that will emerge over the course of the next weeks and months (and years). They provide support to vulnerable populations and emphasize funding that is long-term in nature, in addition to filling in gaps where public resources are scarce.

Global Giving (EIN: 300108263): All donations to this fund will support disaster recovery and relief efforts in response to the region of Nepal impacted by this earthquake.

UNICEF (EIN: 131760110): Their emergency operations center is mobilizing an urgent response for the relief effort and planning to aid children and families affected.

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