GIFTS Import

Easily import data into GIFTS


Quickly and easily populate your GIFTS database with information from other software programs with the GIFTS Import Module.

If you manage some of your charitable giving in another program that you need to track along with GIFTS, or if you are migrating to GIFTS from another grants management system, the Import Module help you to accurately consolidate your data in a consistent format.

With GIFTS Import Module, you can:

  • Accurately import data into GIFTS with the ability to identify and correct problems prior to importing data – this ensures that your data import files are structured correctly so that your import is always accurate
  • Avoid duplicate records by identifying and linking to information that is already in your database
  • Ensure consistency between imported data and GIFTS data
  • Save time by eliminating tedious data entry
  • Perform a variety of import activities, including detailed requests, matching gifts, grant summaries, organizations and contacts